512bit.net is a site dedicated to retro graphics cards from 1995-2005. From the golden age of 3D chip development.

Photos of Graphics cards are in high resolution, gpu and memory clocks are read if possible.

Cards were tested in 7 benchmarks.
In each test where compared by the reference card Matrox Parhelia OEM AGP 4x. The sum of the results in those 7 benchmarks gives Benchmark Points (BP). In this way, cards of different generations can be compared.

Optimized drivers can affect performance by up to 20%, that's why several of them were tested and the best one driver was selected. The power of the processor can affect it just as much. They were tested on the same configuration so that the results are correct comparative.


Compared 2D and 3D performace of graphics cards from different generations.

Benchmark - List of benchmarked cards
CrystalMark09 - GDI & D2D
Quake 3 Demo - OpenGL 1.1
3DMark 2000 - DirectX 6.0
3DMark 2001SE - DirectX 7.0
Serious Sam FE - OpenGL 1.1 & DirectX 7.0
Aquamark3 - DirectX 8.0
ChameleonMark - DirectX 8.0


Gallery - Images of benchmarked graphics cards from in high resolution.

3DLabs :: ATI :: Matrox :: nVidia :: 3Dfx
Alliance :: ARK Logic :: Avance Logic :: OPTi
Chips&Tech :: Cirrus Logic :: Intel :: Macronix Number Nine :: OAK :: PowerVR :: Rendition
S3 :: SIS :: Trident :: Tseng :: Western Digital


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